01 August 2013

8th La Union Surf Break: Soul Surf

The Philippines is no stranger to the ever-growing surf lifestyle and culture. In fact, we are a home to more surfing spots than we actually realize; La Union is just one of these locations. That being said, on the 24th to 27th of October, the province of La Union, with the help of The Philippine Department of Tourism, presents "Soul Surf", an annual surf event promoting the beauty of the Philippines as well as the culture of surfing. For its 8th year celebration, the event aims to rekindle the roots of surfboarding and La Union's lively culture through combining surf with music and the arts. The event will not only appeal to surfers, but also music-enthusiasts as the event will feature a diverse line-up of musical artists from the local scene (Franco, Salamin, Nix Damn P, and more) to the international scene (Panic City, Classixx and RAC). Keep updated with the latest news regarding this festival here, and view the first teaser of the event below.


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