10 September 2013

Don't Blame The Kids Co. September 2013 Collection

It's been awhile since we've written about Don't Blame The Kids Co., and the brand has just gotten bigger and bigger ever since it broke ground in the local scene. Very much known for their unorthodox-styled pocket tees and vibrant patterned button-downs - it has already developed into their staple foundation, and they've grown from that, have developed from it, and have definitely expanded through it. The brand has not been carried away by straying away from their beliefs and unique style, they've basically stayed grounded and it has maintained them in the industry. Their September collection features these staple threads - featuring four new pocket tees, as it makes it's return; a basic tee that delivers right through with its simplicity; and several patterned button-downs to catch some attention. You can't sleep on this brand, and it's a good idea to be on the lookout for future drops form DBTKCO. Check them out on Facebook.


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