24 September 2013

Elevate Apparel Camo Pack

From humble beginnings to consistent expansion and exposure, Elevate Apparel has grown and evolved into one of the main staple local brands in today's local streetwear industry. What started off as a normal local brand trying to break through the scene, from their early products of tees, the brand has slowly expanded their range as they have continued to garner attention and support - it has become more than just the staple shirts, the brand has expanded from caps, down to keyholders and paracord bracelets, and now to dropping big-time packs. Coming off the big collaboration with New York-based photographer, Tim Frazier, their latest drop couldn't come at any better time. 

Their latest pack keeps up with what the market is in love with - Camo. The Camo Pack is consisted of two of Elevate Apparel's standard rucksacks, two of their keyholders, and two of their iconic 5-panel camp cap - and all of these are donned in two patterns of Camo - Sea Marshal and Desert. Elevate Apparel gets it done and reaches out with their online store, so make sure to check them out.


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