12 September 2013

The Artisan Collection VI Lookbook

After a year or two of being absent and somewhat no signs of life, The Artisan is back to redefine clothing. Looking to maintain the brand this time, they return in big-time fashion for their sixth collection overall. Collaborating work with a bunch of names in the industry - Cholo dela Vega, Roman Olivarez, Robbie Becroft, Pauline Suarez, Melvin Rodas, Ej Reyes and Nikko Martinez. The collection is all about recurring good memories and a reminder of how beautiful things can be - it is quite true, in relation to how the world seems so face-paced, and routine, there not much time to appreciate the things around us. The Artisan plays with the color Black, presenting the thread in five different fabrics. They go by the saying, "Not meant to adorn but to be worn and treated as what they are; pieces of clothing." The collection is consisted of a Bomber Jacket, Baseball Jersey, Kimono and a couple of t-shirts. The Artisan gives us an outlet to show how we could infuse our own style with their pieces - wear it the way you want. This gives us a reason to be utterly excited for things to come from The Artisan. It's definitely great to have them back. 


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