24 October 2013

Purveyr x Stndrds: Back Like We Never Left Recap

After a brief cool-off in the scene, Stndrds is back and they're making sure everyone knows about it. To kickoff their return, Stndrds held the 'Back Like We Never Left' event that featured today's hottest beats from some of the well-known local artists, a load of booze, and the return of their staple tees that once again gets the market buzzing. The event was well-hyped and with the audience already in attention, Stndrds did not fail to make the event one for the books. The event was definitely well-attended and the local scene showed their utmost support and love for the already-established brand. Not only did the people get a treat with the free-flowing booze and food, they were also enjoying beats by Ize, Ulzzang Pistol and Bin5, and to further the Stndrds 'Back Like We Never Left' experience and encapsulate the whole event, Stndrds put their latest tees on discount - if that isn't enough, the Wings from Red Bull hooked the placed up with some Red Bull to keep the night going - an outright happy ending to the event. 

Stndrds continues to make a name for themselves as they look to take on new heights - and together with the strong support the brand continues to receive, it seems like the sky is the limit and the possibilities are endless. It's nice to say that Stndrds is back. It would be ideal to keep an eye out on the latest news and drops from Stndrds - you snooze, you lose. 

Check Stndrds out on Facebook. A few snaps from the event are found below.


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