18 November 2013

Top 5 Songs We Want To Hear at the Tegan and Sara Show

The Tegan and Sara show is right around the corner and most of us are dying to know what they have in store for their first visit to the Philippines. Knowing that they've been a household name for indie rock, we want nothing but to hear our favorite tracks from their eighteen years of releasing records and playing shows. These are t top five songs that have made me, as well as other fans, fall in love with the duo through all these years.  With fingers crossed and managed expectations; I sincerely hope that these songs are in their Manila set list.

5. "Walking with a Ghost" (from Jealous, 2004)
         This song must already be a staple for any Tegan and Sara / indie rock fan. Combine catchy and simple lyrics with a strong guitar riff and you have a song that will get stuck in your head for days.

4.  "Someday" (from Sainthood, 2009)
         Sometimes music is the perfect companion when we find ourselves in awful situations. This track is so full of hope and assurance to get you through any rough day or week. If we're having a bad week, we're sure that hearing this song live will give us that 180-degree turn for the better.

3. "Nineteen" (from The Con, 2007)
         This totally relatable track will remind us of what it was like to be nineteen going through those feelings. This angst-y/grungy song would be a nice break from all the pop tracks from their latest album.
2. "Closer" (from Heartthrob, 2013)
        What's not to love about this song? This recent chart topper has to be in the list of top songs we want to hear during the show. There's no doubt that we are all going to go completely bonkers over this synth pop anthem. Just imagine the stage's flashing lights and the booming amplifiers alongside the crowd's fists pumping in the air and screaming voices.

1. "Call it Off" (from The Con, 2007)

         We're sure that a lot of the fans have had this song in their sentimental/emotional playlists since the day they first heard this song on the record. We're all going to feel nostalgic, remembering the different breakups and failed relationships that was accompanied by listening to this track. This short but powerful track is going to be the emotional pinnacle for most fans. 


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