17 December 2013

Be Back in 2014

We are very sorry for the sudden halt of our operations, we actually almost decided on closing the website down. However, the support we got and we are still getting prevented us from doing so. We are humbled by all the positive words thrown at us, and very happy that we have helped the local culture progress in such a short time that the website has been running. So it is inevitable for us to try to find a way to continue what we do. After a short break, we assure you that we will be back stronger and more passionate with this. Operations will not be rushed though and our growth will be controlled to level with our team's capacity, keeping in mind that our mission is to promote the local culture nonetheless. We won't announce any specific details yet as we are still working on our final plans. But what we can say is; we will be back by 2014, so expect us by then. For now, we extend you our gratitude for supporting us and what we do. Let's work on to pushing it further by next year. 


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