24 April 2014

Ellen Adarna says "Fuck you"

Ellen Adarna has sprung from a little known model to a limelight shone celebrity rather quickly with the help of social media, specifically Instagram. No one will ever deny that she is at her prime with regards to her physique, although not all might like her. Adarna's provocative way of showcasing herself to the public and a couple of controversies here and there, has not given her an easy time. She is indeed very famous now, but fame always comes with something unpleasant. What keeps her doing what she does though is very inspiring, her strong character keeps her intact. Not all would love how she deals with everything, but at least she deals with it. Love her or hate her, we think she'll stay well-positioned under that light. 

Brought to us by Rappler and Esquire, hear what Ellen Adarna has got to say through the video above. Also, if you want to read more about her, go to Rappler's Patricia Evangelista's article here.

"She knows what people say about her. Some of them think she’s inspiring and independent. The others, the people who don’t know her, say she’s tawdry, a slut, a flirt. 

She doesn’t care, because she’s free, because she chooses to be free. The people who attack her don't know her. She likes thinking she’s a strong woman. 

Her name is Ellen Adarna, and to everyone who calls her a whore, she says f___ you too. – Rappler.com"

Source: Rappler
Photo by: Esquire

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