09 April 2014

Gnarly! 360 Collection

After a brief hiatus that got everybody wondering what the funky and fun Gnarly! brand was up to - here they are back and calling their whole return the 360 Shift; totally revamping the whole Gnarly! experience. Their 360 Collection does not disappoint as it returns with the brand's staple threads, offering pieces that would perfectly fit your basic outfits. The latest form Gnarly! is more proof that simple does not have to be boring - as Gnarly! loves letting their creative juice run down through their products. The collection is comprised of a hoodie, several tees, and a crewneck. Fans of the label won't want to miss items like the classic Fudge character, or the basic concrete tee that was so well-loved back then. To sum it all up, it's great that Gnarly! is back and things will only be better as the brand flips the page towards a "new age". Their latest collection is available online, so better check it out before stocks run dry.


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