02 April 2014

Motherbasss and Friends LIVE at Black Market! Recap

The country's best DJ + Drummer duo, Motherbasss performed their very first self-produced show last Friday. Motherbasss and Friends happened successfully at the Black Market and delivered on the promise of an electrifying performance from Nix and Macky. They've got a lot of surprises that kept the whole set very hyped-up, including performances with June Marieezy and Roxy Modesto of Radioactive Sago Project. Other than that, the whole night was flawless through the beats and sets of Similarobjects, DJ Aryan, Djreiz, Soulflower, Don P, TORO + Supermikki, Supmerman, Katsy Lee + Mecha Hell and international DJ, John Type. Photos are taken by Hannah Magdaluyo and Sundae Cruz.


Source: Motherbasss

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