02 April 2014

Royalty Spring/Summer "Shibui" Collection 2014 Lookbook

Local brand, Royalty has proven to be one of the more daring and edgy brands in the Metro - taking in various influences and cultures for their products. The brand has stepped forward ahead of the trends, taking their own path towards success. Their latest collection is once again inspired and interpreted through Japanese culture and heritage - Japan treasures their culture, and the richness of tradition and convention is put to play by Royalty right here. Entitled "Shibui" which is derived from the Japanese philosophy of aesthetic that underlines beauty in subtlety. The collection fully encapsulates the aesthetics of the brand - from the solid colors, to the subtle designs, to the minimal mix of materials, to the sudden explosion of cool colors, and to the geometrical patterns that never get old. Royalty infuses the trend that is of streetwear with the very rich traditions and tasteful of Japanese culture. The collection has a range of tees, buttondowns and a pair of shorts to rightfully match the piercing heat of summer. May go down as one of the more well-put-together collection yet in 2014 - we do expect more from Royalty - and they won't be slowing down for sure.


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