04 April 2014

Ursus et Cervus: The Publication Recap

The collective and lifestyle brand, Ursus et Cervus, launched it's newest and biggest project, an online magazine, a couple of weeks ago in an event aptly called "The Publication". The website aims to create a dynamic between idealists, creatives, and a network of subscribed individuals by constructing an online platform or virtual space for conversation. Art & Design, Style, Food & Travel, Music, Film & Literature, and Big Ideas are the lifestyle themes the UETC publication team attempts to delve into. Through being  that avenue for conversation, UETC hopes to share the stories behind various sub-cultural movements and broaden its reach to an interested readership from the local context.

The event, held from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm, was a projection of what UETC wants to achieve with it's publication - a concentrated community comprised of passionate individuals from different backgrounds. Yardstick, a third wave coffee joint, served as the venue for the launch - offering artisanal cups of coffee and bottles of locally brewed craft beer. Apart from being just a showcase of the launched website; independent musicians from the different music scenes were also represented in the event - Bibliotheque and Contra Classic from the college scene, CRWN, No Rome, and SimiarObjects from the electronic scene, as well as DJ Rye from the hip-hop/turntablism scene. Furthermore, the event also functioned as a pop up for UETC's clothing, life store (accessories), and creative (artworks) teams.

The Publication is just one small step to UETC's goal of building an interconnected community of persons, but rest assured that we could expect bigger and greater things from the brand in the coming years. Whether it be more events, printed issues, or even a physical space; we can not help but wait for what the future brings. You can view UETC's online publication  here.

Source: Ursus et Cervus


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