29 April 2014

Vandals On The Wall Mixtape: Seaside Chill

The Philippine music promoter, Vandals On The Wall, mainstream and indie alike has released a mixtape that includes 18 local tracks to accompany one at a relaxed seaside scenario. The website has grown to be a trusted name in terms of the local music industry. Their passion for music translates deeply in their posts, not only as a promoter but also as brilliant experts in their area. The mixtape's artwork is made by Ciarra de Mata. Download the mixtape here and see the tracks included below.

01 Eggboy – Talaga Totoo 
02 Kidwolf x BV x Joey Santos – Free (Joey’s Sand Time Remix) 
03 KaapiN - Sandcastles 
04 Local Disk //C: – Sea Grid (Feat. Chesca Miranda) 
05 Autotelic – Balik 06 The Ransom Collective – Fools 
07 Leo and the Tolstoys – Bentley Boys 
08 CHEATS – Newspaper Girl 
09 Soft Pillow Kisses – Sometimes I Do 
10 Flat Spell Revelry – Two Days Till Sunset 
11 Boutique All – Sun’s Coming Down 
12 Tandems’91 – First Dusk (A Similar Feeling) 
13 C R W N – On My Mind (Feat. Olympia) 
14 No Rome – I Still Believe In You 
15 A Problem Like Maria – Cold Summer (Feat. Similarobjects) 
16 Space/Walk – Safety 
17 Miles and Mot – Skies 
18 WeRideDynamite – Different

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