31 May 2014

InstameetPH for the 9th Worldwide Instagram Meet

The Instagram community has seen a huge growth worldwide, and one thing that made it possible is its power to bring people together. Worldwide Instagram Meets have been a constant activity amongst Instagram enthusiasts. It's the phone version of the photo walk. This made way for likeminded people to interact with each other and also grow the community and culture around the application. And as a big part of their success, Instagram acknowledges these groups of people who use their application to share their lives and interests. Back in May 17 and 18, Instagram hosted the 9th Worldwide Instagram Meet, where groups from various countries and areas participated by hosting their own Instagram walks and meets. 

Here in the country, four young individuals who are aficionados of the application and the culture revolving around it, felt the need to propel the local Instagram community. They hosted #WWIM9_Manila last May 18, 2014 to represent our country to the world of Instagram. Jelito de Leon (@jelitodeleon), Marvin Conanan (@marvinconanan), Raniel Hernandez (@rayniyel) and Alexis Lim (@litratonijuan) made the walk accessible to most Metro Manila-based Instagramers by doing it in Makati City. It was a success as participants went to as much as 30 people, in contrary to the 10-15 that the organizers initially thought. Other countries and cities around the world are greatly represented and documented through their renowned Instagram users, that's what we should have too here in the country. We have the talent, we just need to acknowledge them more.

Photos from MadhouseMNL

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