14 June 2014

Clavel Magazine "Art and Architecture" Issue

Clavel Magazine has seen several facelifts during its lifetime, but every time they do it, it shows that it's something for the better. Once solely a sneaker magazine they now delve into the many facets of street culture. We've seen them do it in past issues but what's more intriguing is their new take on their cover. Maybe it's just because of this issue's theme, or maybe they're really moving into minimalism and contemporary modern art in influencing their design aesthetic. Either way, it's a very clean revamp and it looks stellar. The Art and Architecture issue features a number of people in various cultures such as, tattoos, surfboard making, painting, cars, music and of course, sneakers. There are actually more to the issue than we could cover, so it's better to just grab a copy in select retailers nationwide. 


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