18 June 2014

MadHouseMNL: Katarina Rodriguez "She's Going Back To School"

Photography, fashion and beauty go hand-in-hand, and come together perfectly. MadHouseMNL features the famed Katarina Rodriguez as she flaunts her beauty presenting the country's local brands. The perfect mix of a sound body (her being an athlete) and beauty seems to be a perfect fit in the entrant of indie, local clothing brands into a bigger and better scene. With the school year back in full gear for the next couple of months, the clothes presented by Katarina Rodriguez shows us how to deal with the heat and rain this season - whether it be pulling off the hottest t-shirts patterns and rugged shorts look, or the in-style joggers, these showcase some perfect sensibility in dressing up for the school year. The local brand Royalty Clothing takes the helm together with various brands at Zalora. The former 3rd placer in Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 and DLSU trackstar will keep your eyes locked on to her with these pleasing snaps.


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