09 July 2014

Pepper Exclusive: How To Feed A Filipino?

The food culture website, Pepper, published an article featuring various chefs, restaurant owners and food experts talking about how they will feed a Filipino, and in hindsight providing an almost precise description of a passionate Filipino cuisine eater. Below are some excerpt from the short interviews, while full article is here.

“Lastly—and this is something my mom has taught me—Pinoys value the flavors that come out of a proper gisa." - Suzy Lee, Spring by Ha Yuan

"But if I had to feed you, I would go Ilonggo for sure." - JJ Yulo, Pinoy Eats World

"Corned beef is very popular here, so offering a higher quality corned beef made sense to me." - Jeremy Sagle, Mr. Delicious

"And based on experience, the Filipino palate is much like the Italian palate." - Laurence Perfecto, Operations Manager, Cafe Mary Grace

"People perceive Philippine cuisine as unhealthy, dirty, and not presentable." - Robby Goco, Cyma

"Serve them what they have at home, which is done by their lola every Christmas, and do it properly because that’s what they’re looking for." - JP Anglo, Sarsa Kitchen+Bar

Source: Pepper || Illustrations from Pepper

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