10 July 2014

Purveyr Instagramer: Jenica Kabigting

Instagram has become a powerful tool for one to freely express themselves through beautifully snapped photos and well thought of captions. It is a simple way to capture and share special moments, to see the world through the eyes of others, and to allow its users to experience other people's lives through photos as they happen. Because of this, we decided to do a monthly feature to showcase our favorite Filipino Instagramers.

The #PurveyrInstagramer for the month of July is Jenica Kabigting.

"A foodie, a compulsive book hoarder, a fangirl, a beach bum and an explorer. When I’m not by the beach, I work in the world of advertising as an account manager."

This 21-year old prides herself in being a fun-loving adventure-junkie who loves the great outdoors, from getting lost at sea to hiking up the mountains. Her very likable and easy-going personality is greatly highlighted in her Instagram feed with photos of mouth-watering food and scenic views, among others. Jenica's photos are nice, to say the least, and personal as you get to know her a little deeper as you take a look at her Instagram feed.

We asked Jenica about her love for Instagram, and here's what she has to say.

How long have you been using Instagram and what made you decide to give more effort in it?
I’ve been using it for, I guess, more than two years already. I actually can’t remember when or why I started to give effort on my shots. I guess it’s when I started to consider my Instagram feed as my visual diary.

How would you describe your approach (style) to photography?
My approach or style varies from time to time, depending on the subject. But I always keep my subjects simple and well-lit.

What are your usual subjects?
Bits and parts of the places I visit. I’ve been traveling a lot lately and posting on Instagram about it gives me a sense that I take my followers with me on my adventures. When I’m not traveling, I love to take pictures of good food.

What makes for a good Instagram shot?
I believe that it’s all about good composition and lighting. Filters and post-processing are just secondary. Instagram pushes its users to see the world and life in squares and it’s always a challenge to take a good shot of a subject in that format.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done for an Instagram photo?
I’ve had a few buwis buhay (life threatening)  moments just for the sake of Instagram! This includes standing at the edge of the mountain or a cliff, and taking my phone (without waterproof protection) with me in the middle of the sea. Of course I’ve also had those moments when people at restaurants would laugh when I stand on the chair to get an ala-Kinfolk shot of my meal or coffee. I guess I wouldn’t mind looking silly or getting out of my way to get a perfect shot.

Are your photos on Instagram solely taken from your phone, or do you use other devices, such as SLRs, digital cameras, etc.? Do you think the equipment that a person uses is a big factor in producing stunning Instagram posts?
Most of the time, I shoot on an iPhone 5. Recently, I just got myself a GoPro and been using it when I travel. Shooting with a good camera will help the quality of the photo and added factor for good lighting. That, along with good composition and framing of subject/s will make for a stunning Instagram shot.

What inspires you? And how does it influence your passion for photography?
Traveling a lot has become an inspiration lately. New experiences and adventures (even the little ones!) influenced my perspective of the world. It made me want more to capture parts of the world and make something beautiful out of the simplest things.

Who are your favorite Instagrammers?
@tracianne (Tracianne Estrada) - I’ve been a follower of Your Evil Twin way before Instagram and this babe has been a life peg!
@lifeafterbreakfast (Alessandra Lanot) and @lorraineloots - For my daily dose of creativity.
@teaforbear @elenakalis @13thwitness - My inspirations in photography.

What do you dislike about Instagram?
How Instagram also became a place where people can hate and bash freely.

What is Instagram for you?
Instagram has become a great medium where people can share how they see the world. I believe that one’s Instagram feed says a lot about that person.


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