18 July 2014

Scout Magazine Issue 1

Scout Magazine, a project headed by Cai Subijano has just launched their first issue recently at the Samsung Hall last Saturday. Scout Magazine is the response of mainstream media to the ever-growing diverse interests, cultures and subcultures that the youth today are getting into. It is very interesting on how they will make underground and counterculture mentalities reach mainstream consciousness through a free publication, plus a creative way of presenting their content.

"I would compare browsing the pages of Scout Magazine to looking through the lens of a film camera. The collages splashed on matte printed pages exude the carefree and relaxed vibe of the 90’s yet ironically covers topics on post-21st century matters. Scout debunks modern mysteries like making fun of selfies, slut shaming and crafting your own smartphone sleeve!" - Heima

Source: Heima

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