21 July 2014

Stndrds 'Partyline' Tee

Homegrown and one of the pioneering local brands, Stndrds is back for another essential this rainy season. The growth of the brand was evident as we've continued to feature every drop they've had since their startup a couple of years back - trendsetting some local pocket tees, and continuing to do so with timely releases. There is no shortage of great tees following up a series of summer tees by several local brands, Stndrds is right here to kick off your post-summer collection. Their most recent tee "Partyline" shows off some unmistakable retro love, on top of it's black base. The black tee features a simple Stndrds 'Partyline' graphic on the chest and a retro-inspired finish at the back. Stndrds has stapled their mark around the scene and this shirt isn't something you should pass up on; ideal pickups for sure. Look for this tee over Stndrds on Facebook


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