03 July 2014

What is an Instameet?

A photo walk is simply the act of walking with a camera for the main purpose of taking photos of things that the photographer may find interesting. It is usually organized by groups, such as camera clubs, forums, etc.

An Instagram meet or “Instameet” is actually a photo walk, but its distinction comes from the equipment one uses. In an Instameet, phone cameras are used to take, as well as edit, photos to post on Instagram. This has been a constant activity of Instagram enthusiasts called Instagrammers, and it has made way for likeminded people to interact with each other and also grow the community and culture around Instagram.

To have a glimpse of how an Instameet looks like, view the gallery below featuring photos from the past Instameet organized by the people of InstameetPH. The great thing about an Instameet is its realtime element. Because Instagram is easy to use and instantaneous, it provides the participants a tool to share their photos online immediately. This element provides better interaction for participants and a feeling of authenticity within the goal of such gatherings, "to share their love for the craft of photography and the adventure it entails".

More photos from the past Instameet can be seen on Instagram if you search for the hashtag #wwim9_manila. And if you are joining our Purveyr x Our Awesome Planet Instameet: Bangkal Vintage Strip, follow it through #PurveyrOAPInstameet. To join us, register through this link.


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