06 August 2014

Elevate Apparel July 2014 Release

Elevate stays consistent with their releases; and here's another one worth reading up on and adding to your everyday wardrobe. Reviving the classic raglan, 3/4s and bold jersey numbers, Elevate Apparel has released their latest collection that perfectly fits the rainy season. The perfect collection makes everything extra comfortable and easy-to-pair-up with three tops. The collection consists of a long sleeved raglan-done shirt with a small wolf print up front; followed by a 3/4 jersey shirt with a pocket; and topped off with a classic round neck tee with 'Elevate' print added. Highlights from the collection include the bold jersey number which continues to be a trend and Elevate does a perfect job of infusing it with their timeless and classic threads. The whole 'Maroon' Collection is available online.


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