11 August 2014

Fam Laguna All Day Release

Local lifestyle brand Fam has just presented their latest tee, "Laguna All Day". The brand linked up with Tata Aguiero, a skater/dj from Los BaƱos and vocalist for metalcore band Embercore for this release. The shirt catches attention with its usage of the LA Dodgers logo, then screams of the wearer's pride for his hometown. Along with the lookbook is a short interview with Tata regarding his band and some of his thoughts about the local scene. This release is also the commencement of Fam hooking it up with local artists, either those from Laguna to help them reach out to the rest of the world, or those from outside the province so Laguna folks can get acquainted with some of our country's best. The shirt is available online and at their store in Laguna Bel-Air, Santa Rosa. 


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