28 August 2014

Heima: SPACES Magazine

One of the creatively and aesthetically-driven magazines around, Spaces gives readers a lot of inspiration and the perfect guide to home-living, and the realities of living like an artist! Home and lifestyle store, Heima has made this magazine available for creative enthusiasts especially with the attention to design and layout picking up locally. The magazine boasts some of the best creative minds in Australia and their spaces - spaces they call home. "Spaces promotes the idea that where you live is who you are", as the magazine shows not only full spreads of interiors, but as well as a short interview behind each unique layout and design of each individual's space - being able to see what one can do with their own living space. This magazine is definitely eye-pleasing and will help you improve your eye for detail - get ready to be inspired, no doubt. This is available over at Heima LRI, Heima Brixton, My Apt. and also over at their online store.


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