09 September 2014

Eraserheads - 1995

The kings of the 90s are back. They couldn't choose any better time to do so, when the older crowd are looking for anything that will bring them back to memory lane, while the younger crowd are open to exploring anything and be connected deeply to the roots of culture. Eraserheads will flourish again in this era, though with modern ways. They will encapsulate the essence of simple pop OPM that will engage a diverse group of listeners. 1995 is already a preview of what we are about to experience. Grab a copy of the latest Esquire magazine, it will come with a CD that has "1995" and "Sabado" in it. We hope this will continue and help bridge the gap between the unmistakable talent of our local musicians and majority of Filipinos. 

Source: Vandals On The Wall

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