25 September 2014

Half-Lit - Backspace me

A voice that is soothingly smooth and will definitely plug the listener straight into the emotional mains, nuance and restraint. Half-Lit's hauntingly vulnerable “Backspace me” will rip the heart out of everyone who comes across it. She described it as something that could get its listeners through their 3AM internal dramarama. More known as BP Valenzuela, she is a singer- song writer – electronic musician with analog sensibilities. However, According to different sources, B.P. bears semblance to the sultry enigma of James Blake through her new project Half-Lit, that will truly set one’s mood in a melancholic motion – in a feminine approach, of course. BP Valenzuela sings in a wispy tone, adding introverted characteristics to a song - channeled through her use of various literary lyrical influences - that draws you back towards those “turmoil of emotions” moments. Although, her songs are usually a mix of electronic and synth pop – as seen in her self-produced EP called Be/ep.

Source: Vandals On The Wall

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