28 October 2014

MilesExperience - Love Supreme

Miles Experience is a band formed by students of the Conservatory of Music of the University of Santo Tomas. Although, it was only a year ago that they have been playing together as a band even though they’ve been classmates for three years already. Recently, they released a track called “Love Supreme” which at first you may think that it’s a John Coltrane-inspired song but it is not. “Love Supreme” is a collection of sharp contrasts: bold yet shows reservations and uncertainties at times. Its melody is self-assured but is really suave when you get to listen to it. Love Supreme is kind of chill – the kind of song that you’d listen to in a chilly night. The track is kind of melancholic because of the “blues” that the lyrics gives you. If you’re still having doubts about how good this song is, then most probably the guitar solo in the second half should have changed your mind about it.

Source: Vandals On The Wall

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