30 October 2014

Rumination Feature - Out of the Box: The Barista Box

If you've seen a beige coffee truck situated in the middle of the brick road at Ateneo De Manila University then you've already stumbled upon The Barista Box. It is a student owned and run specialty coffee shop which is, at the time being, mobile. It started out small where in, Miguel (the brain behind the box) would bring a small thermos of hot water and a simple AeroPress placed inside an old film box and he’d bring it to school every single day and started sharing it with people since he cannot finish a kilo of coffee on his own. Miguel then posted pictures of his box on his Instagram account. And as always on Social Media, a new hashtag, #BaristaBox, was brought into life. That’s how the whole idea started. He stated that, “We want to bring back the old school cafĂ©, which was kinda like a community center. We want to be that place where you can meet up for a cup of coffee. Hence, its location, it’s situated in the middle of the campus – the perfect spot to catch up and relax amidst the turmoil of college life. For them, It's not about the shitty coffee you've just had, it's about the having a great time and experience.

To know more about Miguel and his team, read the full interview here. Also, follow them both on Twitter and Instagram, @TheBaristaBox.

Source: Rumination

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