09 October 2014

STWO Live at Black Market Manila

The 20 – year – old Parisian beat maker, STWO aka “Stew” recently played live at the Black Market Manila – where in some of the best noise in the city seems to be coming out. STWO not only can please our ears from his SoundCloud account but also throughout his live set, he engages the crowd in some eccentric but enthralling sound on full display that has kept the heads of the crowd bobbing and jumping to the beat non stop. With STWO’s infatuation with silky smooth vocals, he then blends future bass styling with the probability of soul music in an innovative take and gets redefined with each new track he creates. STWO is one of those DJ/Producers who has made a big name for themselves as a music producer. STWO already having played in front of jam-packed crowd at Social Club Paris and he’s slowly taking the internet by storm through his original tracks and debut EP that has already garnered hundreds of thousands of plays and attention from taste making blogs across the internet in which proves to listeners that STWO has real talent in music making. STWO plans on taking his smooth sound all over the world.

Source: Youtube

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