03 October 2014

The Sweeter Side of #BataanSkateboarding

"Skateboarders are just a bunch of crazy kids who need to get a better use of their time." The “Sweeter Side of #BataanSkateboarding” disproves just that. In an 8-minute video, Aris Bantug (director) follows the adventures of three local skateboarders – Rian, Jeremy and Sherwin – to different locations across Bataan, to perform their rather risky stunts. With its legit videography, “The Sweeter Side of #BataanSkateboarding” gives a glimpse of the Bataan province and, ofcourse, captures the art that happens when the skateboarder gets his board rolling. The Bataan skateboarding community is considered one of the fastest growing skateboarding communities in the country.


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