13 October 2014

Yardstick Coffee

Planted in Legazpi Village, Makati City is one of the few specialty coffee shops in Manila and is kind of diverse among the rest. Yardstick is different in a sense that their aesthetics refused to follow the trends that are currently in style, instead they used minimalistic elements with subtle colors and natural light. Also, they operate in a very spacious place. Yardstick offers a quality selection of espresso and filtered coffees but they also have food that you can snack on while devouring your chosen beverage. Yardstick is owned and run by Singapore Management University alumni Kevin Tang, Jessica Lee, and Andre Chanco, coffee lovers and experts who began their business as a mobile coffee bar last year. Yardstick not only aims to give the wants and needs of its customers but also, they make sure their customers “get to that place, where a deeper appreciation for the coffee develops, at their own pace.”  Yardstick also ventures into exploring coffee not only as a drink but also as an ingredient. The desire to be the benchmark of how coffee is roasted, served, prepared, sourced, and executed - hence, the name Yardstick. If you're looking for specific taste for your coffee then this will truly be a perfect place to get your daily dose of Joe. Yardstick could even be your personal heaven. Watch the video above to know more about them.


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