20 November 2014

A Discussion With. Sinyma

The rise in the quality of local music is very prominent nowadays, not that it was never there, but because the modern channels in releasing and engaging music is now more easily available. It is the age of modern media when producers, bands and musicians are getting more opportunity to be heard and to establish their music. The electronic-funk-pop band Sinyma clearly knows that, in perfect timing the trio is moving with the wave of electronic music movement we are currently witnessing. They are not just riding the trend, they've been there ever since, it's just that the quality they are putting out is significantly emerging which puts them in the forefront of it all. Having recently released their music video and their vocalist, Jessica Connelly collaborating with local beat-maker CRWN for a track, Sinyma is slowly cruising into the limelight, or perhaps, neonlights, more proper in the ever-growing dance and electronic genres. We are excited about what Madz, Cyril and Jess can and will do, and we are very interested in knowing more about them, so we discussed things about their inspirations, music, preferences and thoughts about the local music scene.

How was the band formed? Can you give a brief background about the band?

Madz: I had an epiphany and thought of creating a production / performance group. So I thought of Cyril, and the next thing I know while I was walking around the mall, there he is. So we talked about it and went to his studio right away to discuss and create music to further push the idea. 

Cyril: We later on hooked up with Jess when she was looking for producers to work on tracks, just in time when we were looking for a singer so it was just perfect timing.

Why did you choose the name “Sinyma”? How did it come about and what does it exactly mean?

Jess: The term is a play on the word 'cinema'. To put on a show with cinematic feels/production.

Can you tell us more about the music the band produces?

Cyril: There's really a part of each of us when we make a track. Jess with her RnB background, Madz with his style of house and my background producing music and playing instruments. The tracks that we do are a product of that fusion.

What are your personal musical influences and how does that affect the band as a whole?

Cyril: My personal musical influences are very broad but for Sinyma, I draw more from my dance roots like Groove Armada, Fatboy Slim, Armand Van Helden, Artful Dodger, and a whole lot more. I guess since I'm really into the "dance" part of it, it affects how our set translates into the dance crowd too.

Jess: Personally I listen to a lot of RnB and hip hop but I don't pull back on that sound when it comes to writing for Sinyma because I think it's a perfect combination with electronic music. Just like why so many old school RnB songs are great when remixed into a house track.

Madz: I listen to a lot of dance music lately. Well, since 2000 I was (already) heavy on electronic music. But yes, I do collect and listen to a lot of genres, (like) soul, funk, jazz, hip hop, and rock. I'd say everything that catches my musical interests.

What has been your biggest challenge and achievement as a band?

Madz: The challenge this year was for us to get our music and act together. And the achievement, getting things done as planned (musically speaking). Now we are on to the next phase, the release of our next single, stay tuned for that one, and then album.

Do you think your type of music is already accepted widely locally? Why or why not?

Jess: I always get approached after gigs and I'm asked about our 'genre' and how 'current' we sound. I think we are still very new so with time we will reach more listeners but overall it will and is being accepted because you can ease into our sound.

What’s your ultimate goal for Sinyma as of the moment?

Jess: Up our performance level and sets. More next level gigs to personally challenge myself.

Madz: Same as Jess!

What is your dream stage to play on? How about dream collaboration?

Cyril: Coachella. Maybe for collab, it would be Pharrell and Daft Punk + Sinyma. haha!

Madz: The world stage. My dream collab would be too many to mention; Mark Ronson, Bonobo, Disclosure, Black Eyed Peas, Chicane and Chemical Brothers, to name a few.

Jess: I'd love to play in New York and of course the dream collab, token answer, Pharrell Williams. Personally I'd love to work with The Weeknd.

Can you describe to us your perspective of the Philippine Music Industry?

Cyril: It can be better. I was told that one huge Korean producer said that the problem with us Filipinos is that we don't trust our music, which is obvious in how much our culture is more into the foreign sound and covers. If we just supported OPM like they do (with) Kpop then we would have a revival.

Madz: With all the new bands that we had a chance to play with or share the stage with at some of the gigs we have done, I'd say the future is bright. There might not be that much venues for most of them but that's how a counter culture starts, from the underground to breaking out into the commercial scene. So for me, there is no such thing as a slow season or a stagnant scene since most of these remarks usually come from the commercial end of the “music business'. Creativity has always been there, but people having an idea on what or how to sell, or what or how to promote a talent, that's where the “stagnant” part really is. With the “people” in the bigger perspective of the music business, finding ways on how to sell or promote a product, (but) not (focus on) the product itself.

Jess: I don't think I've been exposed to enough to have a correct opinion of the music industry here but from what I've seen, there needs to be more people investing in raw talent and branding them appropriately vs thinking the 'masses' will not accept it. I wish artists could perform where they should be vs artistas (celebrity actors) flooding everything, being fed lyrics & pay checks for something they're not good at in the first place.

What do you think should happen to further local music? Possibly, have it in par with international music scenes?

Cyril: It should start with Filipinos supporting Filipino-made music. That's key. We should be the first to love our own; not outside in.

Jess: For local music to progress we all need to level up as artists. Compare ourselves & our product with artists on an international platform and see if we are up to par. There's no excuse with all the great creatives we have around us here.

Madz: I would say, enough of too much covers and start creating something original. Support the local talents that you think best fit your musical sense or taste. A simple repost or regram of their gigs, share their info, promote and share their music.

Lastly, if you’re not in Sinyma right now, what do you think will you be doing or pursuing?

Cyril: I'll just be continuing my work as silverfilter and focus also on my funk rock band, Lovecore.

Madz: I'd still be doing music. Creating, performing and collaborating in the best possible way.

Jess: I'd still be singing for sure. Choices I've made have always revolved around another venture to explore my music.

Where can we access your music and follow the band and the members? 

sinyma.com | sinyma.bandcamp.com | Instagram & Twitter: @sinymasound | Facebook: SinymaSound

Photos and words by Marvin Conanan


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