24 November 2014

CRWN - Under Blankets (Feat. Jessica Connelly)

CRWN is a Manila-based beatmaker/producer and a project of King Puentespina. CRWN’s repertoire has been impressive in delivering textured R&B tracks. Also, he only creates his music from his bedroom. Thus, the air of intimacy and depth that his music offers. His latest, “Under Blankets”, with Sinyma’s front woman Jessica Connelly on vocal duties. CRWN’s focus was on ensuring that the melody maintains its strong grip, giving Jessica all the support that she needs. CRWN’s usual elegant ‘spunk’ blends well with Jessica’s lush vocals, showing its comforting energy. This track just puts you in a cozy mood and just let the night unfold. The duo knows exactly what to do to keep the listeners hooked. This may be their first collaboration but surely, this team-up will set off to bigger things. 


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