04 November 2014

Pepper Exclusive: Up Dharma Down After-Gig Eats

The people behind the internationally acclaimed band, Up Dharma Down is just like any other person or musician out there, they love to eat. Pepper sat down with Armi, Carlos, Ean and Paul and talked to them about their after-gig eats and their love of food in general. "more of an eating band, rather than a drinking band." Armi said, talking about Up Dharma Down. Below is a preview of the interview, while the whole article can be read here.

Pepper: Do you guys have a go-to place before or after a gig? 

Paul: It depends where we are actually. If we’re in Makati, our favorite places would be Nihon Bashitei, Whistlestop, and Hap Chan. Sometimes we go to Aristocrat in Jupiter for the chicken. 

Ean: Usually whatever’s open at 3am, so the ones that are open 24 hours. 

Paul: Meron pang isa (there’s another one), Uncle Moe’s, when we’re in Pasig! 

Ean: Mas may appetite kami to eat after a gig. Before (that), nirereserve namin. (We have a bigger appetite after a gig. Before that, we reserve our appetite). 

Paul: Mahirap gumalaw kapag busog. (It’s hard to move when you’re full). 

Armi: Mahirap kumain before performing kasi di ako makahinga. May times na nasustuck sa throat ko, so you have to wash it down with water. Usually after the gig, yung metabolism mo medyo mabilis pa, tapos yung adrenaline mo mataas, so better for me to eat. Usually, I can eat sweets and stuff with dairy at least three days before a gig. I can’t drink anything cold after singing. When we were starting out, when our talent fee was barya lang; lalabas lang kami to eat. Naalala mo yung mga murang buffet dati? Yun tsaka Hap Chan palagi. (It’s hard to eat before performing because I have a hard time breathing. There are times something gets stuck in my throat, so I have to wash it down with water. But usually after a gig, your metabolism is high and so is your adrenaline, so it’s better for me to eat. When we were starting out and our talent fee was so small, we always went out just to eat in cheap buffet places. That, and Hap Chan.)

Source: Pepper

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