11 November 2014

Pompadour's Restoration

Bringing back the old-school, the Slick Barbers Session happens every month with limited slots available. Mak Azores, EZ Abinal and Christian “Indio” BendaƱa are the men behind those sleek-looking “fade” cuts. Masculinity and looking neat are what “fade” cuts appear to be. Pomades are used to sweep and smooth the whole suave look. Thanks to Dennis “Dencio” Velos, gone are the old and unpleasing smells of the traditional pomades and in with the new formulated, improved, and creatively scented locally produced ones. To quote Azores, “We want to bring back the culture of barbering, where the barbershop is a kind of man-cave where guys can hang out,” These men teamed up to bring back the manliness in grooming. Read more about the article here.

Source: Inquirer

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