19 November 2014

Rjay Ty - Same Struggle

Local hip-hop artist Rjay Ty provides a preview for one of his upcoming projects with his latest song, "Same Struggle". The track's soothing yet groovy music is produced by DJ SPNZ. It is also included in the "Hit The Spot EP" of Rjay and SPNZ. The duo is just taking some time for the tracks to percolate and take form before the official release next year. "Same Struggle" was posted last November 11 in observance of Rjay's tradition of sharing music during his birthday. And this piece is more than just a poem, as it is also Rjay's story of the hardships in plowing through the music scene. And through it all, it's still about overcoming the struggles and sacrificing yet never relenting till you reach your goals.


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