15 December 2014

#CommonPublic by Marvin Conanan

#CommonPublic "Los Angeles Raiders"
A Photo Series by Marvin Conanan

If you have been an avid visitor of the website, we are sure you have seen our invitation for collaborators. The collaborator project is a way for Purveyr to showcase local talents from different mediums like photography, graphic design, videography and more. It is a channel for these individuals to display their skills by partnering with us in creating an exclusive series for Purveyr. There have been numerous interested creatives who reached out to us already, and it is very exciting to share what they will produce. But to kick off this collaborative concept of Purveyr, we present our very own, Marvin Conanan and his series, #CommonPublic. 

"It is just recently when I realized that I'm actually insane about photography. I have been doing it for more than 5 years already, but I have never looked at it this way. Yes, I enjoy it so much, but was never this thrilled about it. So I figured, it's time to pursue it again.. probably not professionally, but now, with more passion and effort put into it.

This series I will be doing with Purveyr is somehow a celebration of Filipino society and culture, in a very non-glamorous way. It will be a compilation of photographs that express realities around the country. #CommonPublic is a series that aims to reveal uncommon contexts of Filipino life through ordinary scenarios. It will be a candid display of the actual, which will bridge its gap with the world of manipulated online content." - Marvin


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