19 December 2014

Scars Higher Than Truth Lookbook

SCARS is a streetwear label that is uncommon due to its class and intricacy. SCARS has recently released their “Higher than Truth” collection which consists a sort of far cry from your usual colorful designs. In this collection, they have black and white graphic tees as well as a Hoodie-Jacket hybrid and Cap which expresses their rebellious outlooks- for this collection it's “there’s no religion higher than truth”. SCARS celebrates the villain, the truant, the untidy, the unkempt, the delinquent, the thief, the scoundrel, the evil-doer, and the riffraff. “Although heroes always win it all, what’s important are the lessons we learn from them, the cross they bear, the SCARS to prove it.” They also have the 5th column crew cap available.


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