27 January 2015

Euniform "They Just Want You For Your Pretty Eyes"

In what seems to be a new age of sophistication and innovation, Euniform brings in a new trend which should be part of every woman's rotation. Founded by Filipino designer Eunice Armilda, the brand draws inspiration from the staple and classic aesthetics of the school uniform - therefore, the name Euniform. Their threads are encapsulated by the unique choice of premium fabrics, neutral colors and cuts; leaving everyone in awe of both the nostalgic and foreign feeling. These pieces may bring people back to their schooling days, but it also gives off a very new and trendsetting look. This collection should be able to affirm and solidify the brand's take on womenswear - upholding true to their contemporary and regular yet peculiar staples. Several pieces are up and ready for purchase via their online site.


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