19 January 2015

Mark Fernandez for Symbolic Skateboards

Local skate shop Calle starts their year by adding another talented rider to their skate team. Here's the welcome video of Mark Fernandez to announce his inclusion to Symbolic Skateboards, one of the board brands that Calle carries and distributes. With this move, you can expect upcoming Calle videos to have a nice dose of handrail assaults from the Bicolano ripper. His massive pop and steady diet of rail and hubba tricks has been well-documented thanks to previously-released Bicol-based skate videos Pantomina Menor and Skatezophrenia series. Plus Mark bagged the crown at the Vans Philippine Skate Championship 2014, so we can expect him to prove that he's up to much more four-wheeled goodness. Filmed and edited by Alken Estrada.


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