13 January 2015

Purveyr Instagramer: Maj Veloso

Instagram has become a powerful tool for one to freely express themselves through beautifully snapped photos and well thought of captions. It is a simple way to capture and share special moments, to see the world through the eyes of others, and to allow its users to experience other people's lives through photos as they happen. Because of this, we decided to do a monthly feature to showcase our favorite Filipino Instagrammers.

The #PurveyrInstagrammer for the month of January is Maj Veloso.

"My name is Maj Veloso. I am 21 years old. I love adventures, sneakers, and exploring new things. I am also a Co-Founder of Team Streetwear Philippines."

Minimalism graces Maj's Instagram feed as her photos are composed mainly of white tones and black accents, or vice versa. This gives her feed a very clean look that attracts a lot of Instagram users, and streetwear advocates alike, since her photos are mostly of different streetwear brands. It is undeniable that her passion is in streetwear as she co-founded Team Streetwear Philippines, which features local streetwear brands in the Philippines. Through this, they aim to make the local streetwear game big in the country.

We asked Maj about her love for Instagram, and here's what she has to say.

How long have you been using Instagram and what made you decide to give more effort in it?
I made my account last 2011, and became active in 2012. It all started with traveling, food, fashion, and sneakers.

How would you describe your approach (style) to photography?
My current photography style is based on minimal designs combined with the things that I love.

What are your usual subjects?
Definitely sneakers and streetwear, with a side of fun, food, and art.

What makes for a good Instagram shot?
Lighting and minimal filters on your photo definitely make a good Instagram shot.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve done for an Instagram photo?
I had to jump so many times just to have a perfect picture of me on air. It drained me. Haha!

Are your photos on Instagram solely taken from your phone, or do you use other devices, such as SLRs, digital cameras, etc? Do you think the equipment one uses is a big factor in producing stunning Instagram posts?
95% of my photos are taken via iPhone. I use my DSLR for blog posts. Equipment does not really matter if I'll be posting it on Instagram. It's all about the angle and lighting (in my honest opinion).

What inspires you? And how does it influence your passion for photography?
Streetwear inspires me, and I would like to spread the game throughout the country. It's the main reason why I created our community. I also want to influence our fellow Filipinos with the things I love by showing it through photography.

Who are your favorite Instagrammers?
A few of my favorites:

What do you dislike about Instagram?
People/usernames who spam you, and grab photos without credit or consent.

What is Instagram for you?
Instagram actually inspires people to have more stylish and creative shots. It's a social network where you could discover photos, meet new people, express art, adventure, and style through photography.


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