13 January 2015

Salad Day "Sprinkle Magic" Collection

The ultra-eccentric local fashion brand, Salad Day has recently released their latest collection dubbed "Sprinkle Magic". Like coming out straight of a little girl's pink doll dreams, Salad Day brings forth another exotic collection. The pieces take form in a very pink manner, which is not surprising. However, even though there's a permanent attachment of "cute" to the color pink, Salad Day successfully makes its pieces feel sophisticated. Now, it's not about just wearing something cute, it's about bursting out in attitude, a fabulous cool in some sense. Besides, only the genuinely confident and fashionable can pull off glamour in a very playful way. Salad Day defines the fine line between trying to be fashionable to being bona fide stylish. "Sprinkle Magic" also features faux-fur throughout the collection, just in case subtlety is not in your vocabulary. You can view more about this collection at their Facebook page.


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