08 January 2015

Slick Barbers x Purveyr: Barber Agenda

The growing community of barber culture enthusiasts have been capturing interests nationwide. Spearheaded by the Slick Barbers group and complemented by locally-produced pomade brands, the movement is just progressing continuously. Slick Barbers is composed of three barbers namely, Mak Azores, Ez Abinal and Indio Bendana. Imagine a mobile specialty barbershop, well, that sums up who they are. Hosting various barber sessions around the Philippines, usually in partnership with different groups, like clothing brands, retail stores, bike groups, etc. They have proven their reputation as the best at what they are doing, as guerilla barbers. There may be other shops that could do or imitate their cuts, but their appeal does not lie in just a cut. It's a vibe of community and craft rolled into an experience. In lack of terms, even if it's probably unspoken of, there's definitely a sense of cool that's brewing with this crew. We actually really don't know why, maybe it's their passion and dedication to the craft, the barbers' backgrounds and looks, or the character of the community they've created.

We're as curious as you are, that is why we invited them to do a quickstrike event with us. Barber Agenda is happening tomorrow at 2pm at the Purveyr Pop-Up Space in SOMA Stores. Reservations are already full, so we will just invite you to check it out. See what's really special with the Slick Barbers. More details about the event here.

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