30 January 2015

Slick Barbers x Purveyr: Barber Agenda Recap

A few weeks ago, the purveyors of barber culture, the fade-cut & pompadour in particular, in the Philippines has partnered with us to host Barber Agenda at our Pop-Up space in SOMA Stores. The community that Mak Azores, Ez Abinal and Indio BendaƱa has built has continuously flourished since they started a small Facebook group called, Slick Barbers Sessions. After the 40-peso cut we all are satisfied with a decade ago, the men's haircut has seen positive developments. From the move to the ubiquitous Fix salons to now having high-quality specialty barbershops, these have paved the way for more Filipino men to look at grooming and haircut differently. Also, this jumpstarted the run of these heavily-skilled passionate mobile barbers. Some customers waited for hours just to wait for their turn, and common knowledge says that customers should not have to wait. The Slick Barbers might just be doing something extremely right. View the photos from the Barber Agenda event below.

Photos by Marvin Conanan

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