17 February 2015

Converse Spring 2015 Preview

The iconic sneaker brand Converse has recently invited us to have a peek at what they have in-store for the local market in their upcoming Spring 2015 collection. Converse is one of those brands that is a surefire hit. In any occasion their designs and styles are almost always effortlessly appropriate, this is why many of us are loyal customers. However, even the most classic of classics, one should always innovate and be creative, this is why in the past few years Converse has tapped various people and other entities to partner with. One of the notable collaborations we are looking forward to in this upcoming collection is the brand's partnership with Missoni and their special collection inspired by Andy Warhol. In addition, they have developed their technology that adds more comfort to their timeless styles, including special lines such as Cons, the skateboarding specialty sub-brand. Browse through the photos we took from the preview below and let us know what you think. 


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