06 March 2015

CRWN - Better Together

CRWN Recordings has released yet another fine track for his listeners on the music platform, Soundcloud called "Better Together", but this time he released the record under French record label, "MIRAJE", a Paris based, internationally recognized record label with a smooth eye, and high standards for productions all over the world. Released last February 22, 2015, the track, Better Together, has hints of hip-hop, funk, and early 2000 R&B, "Bouncy Funk" as Miraje themselves would put it. The release of the track has had great recognition from listeners from different parts of the world and has left them wanting more from CRWN. You can download the track for free or hear more from CRWN (King Puentespina) at www.soundcloud.com/crwnrecordings or from the record label, Miraje, at www.soundcloud.com/mirajetouch


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