30 March 2015

Love, Candypie: New Shopping Destination

Our country sure knows how to keep up with worldwide trends; online shopping included. More and more local "digital boutiques" are entering the scene and, just recently, the newest shopping destination which the modern Filipina will surely get head-over-heels for has been launched. Love, Candypie is a brand which seeks to provide "fashion with substance." According to its founder, San Vicente, Palawan mayor, Pie Alvarez, the brand is as unlimited as the woman it caters to. "The LCP woman knows style - she lives and carries it well. She is constantly on the go yet knows how to unwind, kick off her heels, and party. She is fun and bubbly, worldly and sophisticated. She embraces femininity, lives luxuriously, and values quality," she says. At the moment, the online boutique carries an all-Aussie lineup of brands which includes Winona, Love Honor, Finders Keepers, Maurice & Eve, etc, but promises to go around the world soon.

Know more about Love, Candypie by reading YStyle's interview with its founder here.

Source: YStyle

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