16 March 2015

Lyrically Deranged Poets - Poor Country (Music Video)

Lyrically Deranged Poets are making waves with their newest music video. The group is composed of Philippine HipHop prodigies, Raymond Abracosa more known as Abra, Rjay Ty and Alex Omiunu, which actually started their careers in the industry. LDP is a group they established in 2006 while they were all still in high school. While they are all successful also as solo artists, there's just a different force when they make music together. We are very excited where they are taking this, and with the release of the Poor Country music video, it just strengthened our expectation for the group. Hiphop has always been about voicing out ideas and messages without filters, the genre's appeal extends to an honest and straightforward response and documentation of the realities of life. LDP's Poor Country is a perfect example of that, a glimpse of another perspective of life. Watch the video above and see what we mean.


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