25 March 2015

Philippine Aeropress Championship 2015

The continuous rise of specialty coffee in the Philippines have brought a lot of new exciting things for the coffee-loving population. In addition to having the best coffee in the country, the collective of shops and coffee purveyors continue to push the movement to higher levels. This is through putting up more shops, educating more people and creating a bustling community around what they are passionate about. One thing they just recently did is to host the Philippine leg of the World Aeropress Championship, where the winner will be going to Seattle, U.S. to represent the country. Watch the video above to see what happened in Yardstick on the night of the competition. Kaye Ong of Habitual Coffee took home the crown this year, while Toby's Estate's Larry Andrada and Craft Coffee Workshop's Mark Kenneth Santos took home second and third place, respectively.

Source: World Aeropress Championship

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