19 March 2015

Public School and Sacai arrive in Manila

The Philippine fashion scene is getting more and more interesting every year. From mainstream brands taking over the fast-fashion movement locally and local designers getting out in the market and receiving more awareness, we are seeing a very fast shift of trends, behavior and tastes. With these changes, the high-end fashion industry is also not letting up. Manila-based high-end fashion retailer, Univers, just recently acquired and housed New York menswear brand, Public School and progressive Japanese fashion brand, Sacai. Univers is known for housing fashion brands that are obscure from mainstream consciousness, but are well-respected by fashion enthusiasts worldwide. If you are looking to find yourself a high-quality piece of clothing, you can now check out the pieces from Public School and Sacai in the Univers boutique in Rockwell.

Source: Philstar


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